Meetup Agile Testing @Düsseldorf, 27.9.2018


Im Rahmen ihres Meetups trifft sich am 27. September 2018 die Gruppe "Agile Testing @DUS" in Düsseldorf - mit zwei spannenden Talks rund ums Thema Testing! Abgerundet wird das Programm mit Networking und Get-together.

Auf der Agenda:

Containerized Test Automation, Sven Hettwer, ConSol Software GmbH

Whenever you build software, you want to ensure that it works as expected. In the days of containers, clusters, build pipelines and DevOps, you want to automate as much as possible to focus on the important thing: Your software product! This talk shows how to use a handful of Open Source tools to archieve fully automated, controllable and reproduceable build, test and deployment lifeclycles, with a focus on the challenges of integration testing in containerized environments.

Therefore we'll have a look into the integration testing framework Citrus, whose primary goal is to automate integration tests of service APIs. Citrus is capable of sending and validating real message communication over the wire, while it simulates client- and serverside communication for various transports such as HTTP, JMS, TCP/IP, FTP, etc. in different formats as XML and JSON. In addition, a demo will show how to automatically perform integration tests on a microservice project with Apache Kafka, OpenShift and Docker.

Agile Testing vs. Microservices - What could possibly go wrong? Oliver Weise, ConSol Software GmbH

So we are all embracing agile testing by now, right? We ensure testable stories in our "definition of ready", we define acceptance criteria in the sprint planning and we use great testing tools to ensure that they are met in an automated fashion. This by itself allows us to release frequently, independently and with good confidence in the quality of our product.

On the other hand - true story - we might be working for a massive IT ecosystem containing loads of microservice modules that interact with you and other services in a very complex manner and which are generally "moving targets" as they are also evolving while we are developing on our side. And not all of them are as reliable regarding availability and interface strictness as would be desirable.

In such an environment testing your own isolated module against a mocked outside and defining interface contracts will only take you so far. Sometime before going live you will want to test against actual backends, not mocks, and see what your contracts are worth before risking a big meltdown. This talk takes a quick look at our quest to organize these end-to-end tests in the described project, what can go (and has gone) wrong, and what solutions are to evaluate.

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  • Termin: 27.09.2018, ab 18:30 Uhr
  • Veranstaltungsort: ConSol Software GmbH, Kanzlerstraße 8, 40472 Düsseldorf
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