Webcast ConSol + Instana: The Observability of Quarkus Applications

June 23, 2022WebcastsObservabilityDevOps

We know how to go fast, now let us learn how to go reliable! Watch the Webcast Replay!

Delivering fast-paced, high quality software is a challenge. We often notice problems only when the application is already in production. This is suboptimal, since problems in production cost time and money.  The data from the application(s) is needed to observe and provide useful information. Especially as important as the context is in which the actions occurred. For example, what use-case triggered the behavior, or which services were involved and how they reacted, can dramatically reduce the time needed to locate a problem.

We will take a look at both those parts, with Quarkus as our application framework, and Instana as our aggregation-tool for observability- and trace-information. This will show how we can configure Quarkus to generate meaningful information, and how Instana is able to evaluate that information in order to help identify problems with our application.

We will discuss how we can enhance logs with metainformation, and how to use and query those metainformation in Instana. In addition, we will take a look at how to implement metrics and tracing with Quarkus, and how to evaluate that information, together with the logging information and Instana.